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Youth4DRR Amplifies Youth Voice in Immunization at WHO Workshop in Copenhagen

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Dec 6, 2023
Youth4DRR Amplifies Youth Voice in Immunization at WHO Workshop in Copenhagen

In a significant stride towards enhancing youth participation in global health, Youth4DRR proudly participated in the Force of the Future: Co-creating Youth Action on Immunization workshop. The event, held on December 6, 2023, at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark, was organized by the WHO Regional Office for Europe’s vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization programme.

The workshop brought together 61 youth representatives from 36 countries and 44 organizations, providing a unique platform for young leaders to collaborate and contribute to vital discussions on immunization. Youth4DRR, among other influential youth-led organizations, played a pivotal role in co-creating the workshop, marking a significant milestone in involving young people in public health dialogue.

The discussions at the workshop were multifaceted, covering critical issues such as the current vaccination status in the European Region, effective vaccine communication strategies, and the challenge of combating misinformation.

Participants, including our Youth4DRR representative, shared their perspectives on barriers to vaccine uptake, emphasizing the crucial role of health workers and community engagement in improving vaccination rates.

A key focus of the workshop was on the innovative use of social media for vaccine advocacy. In this digital era, where misinformation can spread rapidly, the participants strategized on harnessing social media’s power to promote factual, science-based information about vaccines.

“Youth4DRR’s participation in this workshop underscores our commitment to not just disaster risk reduction but broader public health issues like immunization,” said Collins, representative of Youth4DRR at the event. “Our involvement is a testament to the importance of integrating youth perspectives in tackling global health challenges.”

This workshop represents a crucial step in co-creating youth-led actions on immunization, with Youth4DRR at the forefront of this initiative. The event not only provided an opportunity for youth to voice their opinions and concerns but also laid the groundwork for future collaborations and youth-led interventions in public health.

For more information about Youth4DRR’s involvement in the workshop and its ongoing initiatives related to vaccinations, please contact Lisa Li (, focal point for the Y4DRR Vaccines working group.


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