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Launch of #RestAmidstChaos campaign on World Sleep Day

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Sleep is like your secret power-up, especially when things get tough. It helps keep you strong and your mind sharp. But when disasters hit, not everyone can catch those zZz’s easily. 

We must make sure that everyone has a chance to get that good sleep, no matter what’s going on. From using earplugs to creating safe and quiet zones, innovating for sleep is key! And hey, feeling good on the inside is just as important, we’re big fans of talking it out and keeping our minds healthy, too. 🌙✨

Got a technique to stay calm and get some sleep when things get crazy? Share it with us! Your tips could help someone else find their calm in the chaos. Let’s make this big, noisy world a little more snooze-friendly together. #RestAmidstChaos #WorldSleepDay

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